With over 35 years of experience in the Architectural and Hollow Metal industries you can be assured
that our qualified staff will make sure that your project will be in compliance with all applicable codes
and specifications. Our 10,100 square foot Hollow Metal Door machine shop is licensed to machine
and UL label both wood and metal doors to the required fire rated opening. For added customer
convenience, we stock the most popular sizes of fire rated wood and metal doors.

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Contact David Johns

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“This division of S.P.S. has been providing professional
representation for the finest manufacturers of doors and
door hardware available since 1973. We can provide
complete opening requirements for nearly any job;
including the door, frame, and hardware. Our experienced
staff has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of hollow
metal and architectural hardware requirements. We look
forward to serving you on your next project”


                                         Robert F. Johnston, A.H.C. & C.D.C.                                          Architectural Manager








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